Software Engineering

Computer Vision Engineer

Redwood City, California   |   Full Time

Job Description
The Computer Vision Engineer will work closely with a team of software and mechanical engineers to develop and test computer vision software that performs robustly in a production environment and interfaces with robots and other automation equipment. While this role is intended for those interested in working on classical machine vision applications, there may be opportunities to work at the intersection of computer vision and deep learning as well. Experience in developing machine vision applications using a specific industrial camera’s software tools alone is not sufficient background for this role (e.g. Cognex, Keyence, etc.). Candidates must have experience in developing object-oriented software with C++ or similar. Internships or co-ops are available for college students as well.

Required Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or similar
• Extensive project experience in C++, Python, or other object-oriented language
• Experience working with computer vision hardware, libraries (such as OpenCV), and algorithms
• Understanding of data structures and best coding practices
• Idea generation and execution, mostly unsupervised
• Hands-on aptitude, strong debugging and system analysis skills
• Desire to work in an incredibly fast paced startup environment

Desired Qualifications
• At least one year of industry experience, or 1-2 internships, focused on computer vision
• Experience with stereo vision systems and sensor fusion (e.g. Intel RealSense cameras)
• Expert in Python and C++
• Experience building multi-threaded and/or real-time systems
• Experience writing production code and contributing to large production code bases
• Knowledge of classical robotics theory and coordinate transformations
• Basic understanding of communication protocols, networks, servers (TCP/IP, CAN, Modbus)
• Experience with databases: SQL, MongoDB, Redis
• Familiarity with both Windows and Linux operating systems

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